What is Winezero?

Winezero is a product made from wine that has completed its process of fermentation and through a process of deconstruction has had its alcohol level reduced to zero.

A Wine without Alcohol?

Winezero is a product completely new in the market and is the result of three years of research and development that has resulted in the production of a completely non alcoholic wine.

How does it taste?

The process of deconstruction of the wine produces an organoleptic composition close to the alcoholic wine from which it has been produced. Winezero is a product pleasing to the palate, fresh and fruity: the first high quality product with these characteristics on the market.
Winezero is an ideal ingredient for non-alcoholic cocktails.

Who is it for?

Winezero is a product that can be appreciated by everyone: from the very young to the not so young ones, it’s particularly suitable for people that cannot drink alcohol for religious beliefs or health reasons, but do not want to give up the pleasure of a glass of good wine in company and the benefits of the substances contained in wine.
The lack of alcoholic content makes Winezero similar to all other non alcoholic beverages and hence suitable for everyone, without any danger related to driving after drinking.
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Does it have an expiration date?

Because we are dealing with a completely natural product, you will appreciate that it is best consumed within nine months of bottling.To maintain its organoleptic quality you should store Winezero in a refrigerator within 24 hours since opening the bottle.

How to serve it?

All Winezero wines are best served chilled, including the red. At lower temperatures you can fully enjoy the wine’s flavour profile and its complexities.
Winezero can also be used as ingredient for delicious alcohol-free cocktails.
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