What is Winezero?

We start by taking wine which has completed the fermentation process and subject it to 'dealcoholisation', a process which involves extracting the alcohol from the wine and reducing the percentage to 0. As we all know, it's the alcohol that contains the calories. So wine without alcohol is wine with next to no calories, meaning you can Winezero guilt-free.

A Wine without Alcohol?

Winezero is a newcomer on the market. Three hard years of research and development has culminated in the production of wine that is completely alcohol-free, but still uses grape must as its key ingredient.

How does it taste?

The specific 'deconstruction' process used to produce Winezero means that it still succeeds in making the senses tingle, just like the alcoholic wine from which it derives. Winezero has a fresh and fruity edge which leaves a pleasant taste on your palate: it is the first high-quality product with these characteristics.Winezero also makes a great ingredient for delicious alcohol-free cocktails.

Who can drink Winezero?

Whether you're younger or more advanced in your years, Winezero is a pleasant and refreshing drink which can be enjoyed by anyone - even if you can't drink alcohol for religious or health reasons, but still wish to indulge in a glass among friends and reap the benefits of certain ingredients found in wine.Winezero does not contain any alcohol, which makes it just the same as any other alcohol-free drink: it is suitable for anybody and everybody and you can even feel free to drive after a few glasses without a problem.

Does it have an expiry date?

Winezero is a natural product, meaning it must be consumed within 18 months after it was bottled.

How should it be stored once opened?

We recommend keeping the bottle in the fridge once opened and consuming it within 5 days to make sure that it still manages to tickle your tastebuds.

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